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Marketing plan

Remarketing is the new organic traffic multiplier

Remarketing is the new gold rush of marketing. This is because it’s an organic traffic multiplier, meaning your content will be more likely to rank higher in search results when someone searches for something similar you have already shown them before!

A remarketed audience who has previously reacted positively towards one’s business probably constitutes a good prospect pool with which future conversions can easily take place; thus generating significant profits not just through direct sales but also indirectly. Remarketing allows marketers reach out beyond their regular customer base by tapping into potential buyers that showed interest earlier without having any intention whatsoever at buying then finally converting later down the line

Get more sales with remarketing that converts previous visitors

Create a remarketing campaign in Google Ads and save it as one of many campaigns that are running simultaneously across different devices at any given time. This will allow people who have already been through your site but didn’t buy anything else while they were there (or perhaps left without even seeing all products available)

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